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I bought instant site machine, and scott told me how to use it. In a couple of days, i learned the system, which by the way is very simple. I then used my domain names that were sitting on my computer collection dust. And in a matter of minutes, i was making site after site which was already had my adsense id in it ready to make money, and on top of that fresh rich contents which was already ranking in google & yahoo. Cool! In a matter of days, sometimes weeks, traffic was coming in, and making me free income with scott’s instant site machine. Keep up the Good Work, Scott.
Ken, Hawaii
Instant Site Machine is a superior product at an unbeatable price. The cleanliness and simplicity of code make it effortless for me to manage all of my domains while serving up unique, dynamic content in seconds! This feature rich solution is one of a kind, truly a gem. I’m very thankful as it’s already saved me months of time and countless headaches of design, development, and maintenance. I can’t praise this package enough. Above all is the unmatched customer service and support Scott provides; he truly takes pride in his work and genuinely cares for his clients’ satisfaction. Thanks again Scott, what you’ve done with Instant Site Machine  is invaluable!
Jerry, Owner
Dear Scott, Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much I am enjoying Instant Site Machine. You really have developed an amazing product. The easy installation and extensive feature set make it a winner. However, your responsiveness to issues combined with how you are constantly improving the product really have impressed me. I work in IT and I wish all my vendors were as customer-focused and innovative as you are. Thank you for being a pleasure to work with. I truly appreciate your time and effort.
Anne, Owner
I bought the unlimited version and put it on about 35 Domains I have – The product is very fast to use. It takes me about 2 minutes to upload the files and another 4 minutes to set up how I want it. The site has Clickbank ads on it and it can start growing. I know it takes 4 minutes because I just did another 14 sites the other day. Scott has been great at listening to what could add to the software and is fast at helping. I started with V2 now V4 is just great! Thanks
Scott Glenn, Owner
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Instant Site Machine Features

Product Features

Instant Site Machine allows anyone to easily make use of their domains and start earning money through adsense, amazon affiliates, ebay affiliates, or other affiliates. With Instant Site Machine, your site will always be updated with fresh content daily. Plus it is so simple that pretty much anyone can use it within 5 minutes. Requirements

  • PHP 4 or PHP 5
  • Web host that supports IonCube encryption (many supports it by default)

You upload about 7 files into your web host and that’s it! Of course you’ll still need to market your site on forums, Digg, StumbleUpon, and other sites.

Software Features

  • Amazon Affiliate Store – create an amazon store in minutes. Earn comissions on sales when visitors click product links with your amazon affiliate ID
  • Google Adsense Site – make money on adsense
  • RSS Feeds (Images and Text supported) – to create FRESH new content that is updated daily.  All you do is supply the keywords.
  • Twitter Feeds - you can add Twitter feeds based on keywords you specify. Requires your own twitter API key.
  • Flickr Feeds - automatically grab images from Flickr based on your keywords. 
  • Image Feeds - Now you can grab images from ANY image feed.
  • Keyword Pages You can drop in a keywords.txt file with keywords and it’ll generate dynamic pages with those keywords
  • Custom Templates – you can change the template of the site to any look and feel you like. All you do is change the stylesheet CSS file.
  • Random Images – dump all your images in a image directory and the script can automatically show a random image to visitors each time they come.
  • Caching – speeds up page rendering
  • Mailing list & Newsletter Opt-In – give away products and capture leads
  • Custom Pages – add your own content using WYSIWYG editor
  • Google Search - integrated into your site
  • Google Analytics – just punch in your Google Analytics ID and it’ll do the rest
  • SEO friendly links – all links based on your keywords are SEO friendly
  • URL Redirects – when user clicks an article, they will still be able to see your Google Ads at the top of the page
  • Custom ads - include custom ads on the top or sides. You can use HTML or Javascript.

Installing Instant Site Machine PHP Script

  1. Download and UNZIP files
  2. Upload files to your server in BINARY mode ** IMPORTANT**
  3. Go to the admin page of YOUR site (example:
  4. Admin default password is beyond
  5. Change your default password


The files are encrypted using Ioncube Encrypter. Many hosting companies already support Ioncube ( for example) so you dont have to do anything. If files dont work, do a google search for “ioncube <your host name>”

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